Who We Are

 From Ad to Advocacy we get better results across the customer journey which results in more leads, more sales, lower customer acquisition costs and higher ROI.

We help you WIN online.

Who We Are

Founded in 2013 by Timothy Smith, OnYourMarketing's team of digital marketing experts delivers a predictable system to generate more sales with less effort. From Ad to Advocacy we improve better results across the customer journey which results in more leads, more sales, lower customer acquisition costs and higher ROI.

We help you WIN online.

Our Mission

We wage war against befuddled looks and shoulder shrugs. We help your company win online and become the leading provider in your community.

Our Values

We wage war against befuddled looks and shoulder shrugs. We help your company win online and become the leading provider in your community.

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Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind marketing strategies and campaigns that get results.

In all areas of the marketing process, we implement our Wheel of Progress™. We start with strategy, implement the plan using best practices, monitor & optimize for best performance, and train your team to improve your customer experience. We help design and implement strategies and campaigns that cover the full spectrum of the customer journey, from stranger to fan and every nurturing stage in between.

Our Services Include:

  • Architecting integrated digital marketing strategies.  We guide you through building a digital marketing plan, with a focus on the customer journey. Your plan will include the big-picture strategy, including each aspect of lifecycle marketing, your company brand, messaging and story. We will prioritize areas for improvement and provide a plan with checklists, progress goals and destination goals along with recommended implementation timelines.
  • Managing paid advertising campaigns.  We manage your paid advertising campaigns to help you get the most bang for your advertising dollar-- including AdWords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Targeted Display Ads. We keep up with the hundreds of changes happening each year, and we are always looking for new ways to bring you the most cost-effective leads.
  • Building your authority and reputation online.  Nearly 80% of web traffic initiates through Google and Facebook, with 96% of clicks going to the top four results on Google. Our SEO strategies help you rank at the top of Google, earn passive, organic traffic, and generate more leads and credibility. We introduce a process for generating like-able, sharable content that extends your reach online. We optimize your Google My Business account and help build and manage your online reputation, generating more five-star reviews while diminishing detractors.
  • Implementing and managing marketing funnel campaigns.  We maximize your lead capture and conversion through powerful marketing funnel management. We implement marketing, sales and email automation, using clear messaging, effective sales copy and compelling designs. We help you build relationships with leads through digital mediums which ultimately build confidence in purchasing your products and services. We systematically turn visitors into leads into buyers into promoters.
  • Building dashboards with core metrics and KPIs.  We live and breathe a culture of measuring performance– in fact, it's our first Core Value. As your business takes flight, it’s important to watch the correct indicators to stay on target. Having relevant, real-time indicators that drive informed business and marketing decisions is a game changer most service businesses lack.
  • Training your team to deliver your brand.  We help train your team to deliver your brand consistently and confidently. Brand management goes well beyond logos, colors, and images; it is the emotions and perceptions customers experience with your company. How you interact with your leads and customers from the very first ad to the fulfillment of your services and beyond should be a deliberate, consistent experience. We help train your team on topics ranging from answering the phone, to email etiquette, in-home services and beyond.


Our Core Values

We take pride in a job well done, so much so that we've patterned our core values after the word PRIDE. We call it the OYM PRIDE.

Pride Definition

noun: a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Performance - Great isn’t good enough. 

When performance is measured, performance improves. We are goal driven. What we do, we do well and relentlessly seek to improve. Fast is better than slow. We are on the offense-- always. We do more with less.

Respect -  We practice the Platinum Rule. 

We do empathy and compassion. We walk a mile in their shoes. We see the world through others' eyes. We listen. We're accessible. We are sponges. We are present. We communicate fearlessly to build trust.  We think customer. We build open and honest relationships by communicating. We are humble. We check egos at the door. We give and earn respect.

Integrity - Do the right thing.

Integrity requires seeking goodness AND exercising wisdom. Complex situations can test our integrity. Confidence and respect-- for others and ourselves-- comes from being able to square our shoulders and look people in the eye.

Diversity - Together our differences can make us stronger.

We are diverse, but united in purpose. We believe in the family spirit. A family has high notes and low notes, but it all makes beautiful music. We believe a diversity of ideas, interests, opinions and strengths makes us stronger. We believe in respect, being adventurous, evolving quickly, teamwork, community, passion, personality, creativity, open-mindedness, and even a little weirdness. Our differences can become our greatest strengths.

Empowerment - We believe in people and their dreams.

We believe in learning, leadership, ownership and personal growth. We believe empowerment is like a bank account-- after an initial deposit, it is earned. If it grows, more is deposited. We believe in developing humans and dreaming big.

*Sweetness - Add a spoon full of sugar and a cherry on top.

We inject fun. We celebrate wins. To everything there is a season, including a time to laugh. A time to relax. A time to dance.



General Application

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