Case Study

25% AdWords Conversion Rate


Within 30 days of taking over management of this plumbing company’s AdWords account, we achieved an above-industry conversion rate of 12%, where the typical average is 5%. We continued to experience additional successes, increasing their conversion rate to 24.7% as we optimized their account over time.


This plumber was located in a highly competitive market in Bronx, NY. They were also flying blind, with no proper tracking in place. They weren’t properly measuring their performance, and they had no defined goals for success of the campaign.


The first step we took was to get all the proper tracking in place to properly measure performance. We also helped them define what success for the campaign looked like. We set clear goals, with a focus on conversion for the right keywords. Some of those keywords were more expensive to bid on, but with the proper offer and clear calls to action, it resulted in phone calls and lower cost per conversion. In the first 30 days, we achieved above-industry-average conversions. But by focusing on better conversions over time, we nearly doubled the conversion rate to 24.7%, resulting in 1 out of every 4 clicks calling in or requesting a call back. We also decreased cost per conversion by 31%.


Performance Highlights:

  • 25% AdWords Conversion Rate
  • Cost per conversion decreased 31%

Performance Statistics:

Metric First 30 Days Recent 30 Days Change
Clicks 211 154 -27%
 Impressions  18,006 15,197  -16%
Click Through Rate 1.2%  1.0%  -14%
Average Cost Per Click  $5.05  $6.37  33%
Ad Spend  $1,064  $1,033  -3%
 Conversions  27  38  41%
Conversion Rate  12.8%  24.7%  93%
 Cost Per Conversion  $39.44  $27.19  -31%


* Performance is based on a variety of elements and can vary significantly based on geographic targeting, competitive landscape and other factors. Results are not guaranteed.