20% Conversion Rate in 30 days


This carpet cleaning company had never before run any paid advertising campaigns. We were able to get them started on the right foot with an AdWords campaign incorporating clear messaging, a defined value proposition, and a precise call to action.


This company had never run a successful online pay-per-click campaign. They were missing out on capturing potential customers through online advertising channels like AdWords.


First off, we researched their online market potential by offering a free AdWords market analysis. We determined that their market potential was extensive and well worth the investment of time and resources to ramp up an AdWords campaign. Our market analysis included a projection of what we thought would be cautiously optimistic results. We were very deliberate about creating messaging that was clear, including their defined value proposition– what makes them attractive to do business with. We also created and tested several compelling offers for new customers and we followed up with an effective call to action.


Performance Highlights:

  • 20% Conversion Rate in 30 days
  • Cost per Acquisition was 88% lower than estimated

Performance Statistics:

Metric Projection Actual Performance Change
Click through Rate 2% 2.62% +31%
Average Cost per Click  $8.39 $3.89  -54%
Conversion Rate 5%  20.34%  +300%
Cost per Conversion  $167.80  $19.11  -89%


* Performance is based on a variety of elements and can vary significantly based on geographic targeting, competitive landscape and other factors. Results are not guaranteed.