165% Increase in Conversion Rate in 2 Months


This was an AdWords landing page success story in the massage course industry. We gave them some quick wins with a focus on conversion.


The company originally had their AdWords traffic sent directly to their website, with no compelling, focused offer, and too many navigation distractions that confused the visitor. The text on their site was too small, and the social proof and value propositions were hidden in interior navigation pages, not predominately displayed. The biggest issue was no clear call to actions, and potential customers were leaving the site without leaving their contact info. The company was spending money on AdWords, and they got little value from it in return.


Immediately we set to work on creating a landing page and a new AdWords campaign. Once implemented, when a lead clicked on an ad, he landed on a clean, clear landing page containing a direct call to action. The landing page contained a lead form, the company’s phone number, clear value propositions, and large, readable text. As a bonus, our campaigns made use of effective geo-targeting around multiple locations, increasing their conversions by 165% and lowering their cost per conversion by 49%.


Performance Highlights:

  • 165% Increase in Conversions in 2 Months
  • Cost per conversion decreased 49%

Performance Statistics:

Metric Previous After 2 Months Management Change
Clicks 2,744 3,612 +31.63
 Impressions  420,621 355,932  -39.15%
Click Through Rate  0.65%  1.14%  +31.63%
Average Cost Per Click  $9.64  $9.85  +2.19%
 Conversions  113  300  +165.49%
Conversion Rate  4.12%  8.13%  101.7%
 Cost Per Conversion  $234.04  $118.57  -49%


* Performance is based on a variety of elements and can vary significantly based on geographic targeting, competitive landscape and other factors. Results are not guaranteed.