Your reviews are one of your biggest marketing assets. We help build and promote that asset.

SmileScore™ is a done-for-you reviews platform that helps to create automation around asking for reviews, and then displays those reviews on your website, on Facebook and/or your Google My Business account.

We provide a training guide on when and how to respond to both positive and negative reviews. We include sample responses you can use.

We set up a marketing automation funnel that requests feedback and reviews from your customers. You and your staff don’t have to think about it, and your customers are automatically asked.

We provide a platform for you to easily monitor and request reviews from your customers, and for your customers to easily leave feedback and reviews for you on different forums, like your website, Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Regularly responding to online reviews dramatically increases your authority and relevance. But it’s a manual, time-intensive process. No time to monitor and respond to them? We can do it for you.

When someone is searching for you online, your social media profiles should be on the first page of Google search results, too. We fully optimize your social media profiles to be more easily found in search results. We assess and help you build a business profile that is consistent with your brand personality. Optimizing your profile includes all profile imaging, a keyword optimized tagline and bio, necessary company information such as company history, hours and contact info.

We curate and schedule new posts that pertain to your business products or services. You are able to login and make changes to the posts we have curated and scheduled for you. While we maintain your consistent social media strategy, you will still be able to create and schedule your own social media posts.

Our social media analytics show important metrics such as your increase in likes, shares, impressions, and reach. These engagement metrics help you gain important insight into the success of your social media strategy, because “word of mouth” isn’t spoken anymore. It’s posted.

Enhance your reviews portfolio with SmileScore™. Reach out and let's see if SmileScore™ makes sense for you.

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