This results-based marketing package doubles-up on paid and earned traffic from Google to get you more sales. We’ve packaged a suite of products and services that unites the power of both awareness and search marketing-- positioning you as the preferred provider in your market.
  • Mini-Brand & Messaging Audit & Makeover

    We review your branding and messaging. Is your logo pixelated? Are you using standardized colors? We gather assets, such as logo and main images, and we help craft taglines, headlines, and offers. Your messaging should also pass a “6 second smell test.” Is it clear? Concise? Relevant? Compelling? Consistent? We help you implement our recommendations. This helps you eliminate confusion, better connect with customers, and enhance your conversion rates.

  • WOWsite™ Basic
    • Research
    • Wireframe
    • Design Mockups
    • Professional Stock Photography
    • Interface Layouts
    • Site Map, Navigation, and Menus
    • Site-Level Technical SEO Optimization
    • Security Hardened (Endpoint Firewall)
    • Easy-to-update and Maintain
    • Responsive Design
    • Speed Optimization
    • Animations
    • Build-in Analytics
    • Cloudflare DNS/ CDN Configuration
    • Cross-device and Quality Assurance Tested
    • Premium Plugins
  • Website Management + Hosting
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring & Malware Scanning
    • Cloud Hosting
    • SSL Certificate
    • Speed Optimization
    • Security Hardened (Endpoint Firewall)
    • Daily Malware and Vulnerability Monitoring
    • Cloudflare DNS/ CDN Configuration
    • Theme/Plugin/User Audit and Clean-up
    • Optimize WordPress Database
    • WordPress Cleanup
    • WordPress Updates
    • Hourly File and Database Cloud Backups
    • Website Updates and Edits, up to 1 hr/m
    • Monthly Reporting
  • Chattitude™
    • Automated Website Assistant
    • Facebook Messenger Assistant
    • SMS Assistant
  • SmileScore™
    • Reviews Guide
    • Feedback & Review Funnel
    • Online Platform
  • SEO Basecamp™
    • Google My Business (GMB) Audit, Makeover, and
    • Management
    • GMB Posts
    • Build and Claim Directory Citations
    • Link Building
    • Speed Optimization
    • Cloudflare DNS/CDN Configuration
    • SSL Certificate and Malware Check
    • Google Site Microsite
    • Social Essentials Audit and Makeover
    • Social Signals Drip
    • YouTube Local Audit and Makeover
    • Keyword Research Consultation, Bundle Creation and
    • Management
    • Onsite Keyword Makeover
    • Site-level Technical SEO Optimization
    • Page-level Technical SEO Optimization
    • Anchor Text and Semantic Audits
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Onsite Blog Posts
    • Write and Syndicate Premium Press Releases
  • PPC Prospector™ Entry
    • Google Ads Development
    • Ad Management
    • Bid Management
    • Optimized Offer(s) Consultation & Creation
    • Keyword Research Consultation, Bundle Creation, and
    • Management
  • Simple Sales Funnel
    • Landing Page(s)
    • Capture Assets
    • Omni-Inbox
    • Engagement Campaign
  • Executive 24/7 Marketing Dashboard
    • Lead Tracking
    • Phone Tracking
    • Advanced Analytics
  • Monthly Reporting and Strategy Calls

    We schedule monthly touchstone meetings, where we will review past performance and plan optimizations, modifications and future offers.

  • Upgrade: SEO Summit™

    It’s SEO Basecamp but with 2x the content, the links and higher authority placements. Includes premium link building, using 2nd tier links with the highest credibility and domain authority. Also includes advanced Cloudflare DNS/CDN Optimization and 2 blog posts per month

  • Upgrade: PPC Prospector™ Elite

    For customers spending between $2.5K/m and up to $10K/m in Ad Spend. Includes remarketing with Google Display Network (GDN) and Bing Ads Development. GDN is an ad network of Google Partners that run Google Ads. Once leads have clicked on your ad, they are tagged and tracked while online. You can then purchase Remarketing Ads for pennies on the dollar. You can then serve targeted ads on the GDN to people who have already visited or taken action on your website and/or ads.

  • Upgrade: PPC Prospector™ Enterprise

    For customers spending $10K/m+ in Ad Spend. Includes remarketing with Google Display Network (GDN) and Bing Ads Development. Also includes Omni-marketing, where you serve targeted ads all around the Internet to people who have already visited or taken action on your website. Ad locations include Facebook, YouTube Video Ads, Google Ads, and GDN.

  • Add-on: Live 24/7 Managed Chat

    If your product or service is better discussed in a live-help environment, we can have a real human engaging and answering questions 24/7 on your website’s chat. Never miss an opportunity to sell your products and services or provide superior customer service. Customer service inquiries are no cost. Only pay per sales lead, if the lead’s contact info is collected.

  • Add-on: Reviews Monitoring & Response

    Regularly responding to online reviews dramatically increases your authority and relevance. But it’s a manual, time-intensive process. No time to monitor and respond to them? We can do it for you.

  • Add-on: Be Social™

    Get some serious social savvy with daily done-for-you social media posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you’re active on social media, you build authority, loyalty and engagement with potential and current customers. Win online by enhancing your social media presence.

Enhance your ad performance in conjunction with powerful SEO practices to get the most bang for your marketing dollars. Reach out and let's see if ADvantage™ makes sense for your business.
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